We offer a full range of services that spans implementation, data migration, managed services and reporting.

As your business grows and meets new challenges, our team will be ready to help you adapt quickly.

Business Process Design

Madken Advisors services include working with you to implement strategies that will transform your operations, improve controls, and realize efficiencies. We have significant experience documenting and redesigning business workflows to identify and eliminate redundancies, wasted effort and non-value-add activities. We will also evaluate your current software to identify weaknesses and help you evaluate the ROI of making an investment in potential upgrades. Whether through technology upgrades, system integrations or changes to business processes, we will work with your team to find the best path forward.

By automating business processes, integrating current systems and redesigning day-to-day business processes, we can help your business realize efficiencies and defer, or even eliminate, the need for a full technology upgrade.

  • Process Automation
  • System Integrations
  • Business Process Redesign
  • Reporting

Data Migration Services

Migrating historical data from a legacy system to a new one can pose a significant obstacle in the implementation process, which can cause considerable pain for organizations. Often, organizations are required to sacrifice large amounts of valuable historical data to simplify the migration process. Alternatively, trying to keep up with daily responsibilities can lead to limited resources, delaying the timely transfer of historical data to the new system. Fortunately, Madken Advisors possesses the necessary expertise and tools to address these challenges.

Custom Reporting

Madken Advisors has expertise designing and developing custom reporting and dashboards for our clients in multiple platforms. Each of our team members can manage the end-to-end process of custom report building, from requirements gathering to design to development and testing, which speeds up the process and reduces development costs. In addition to building system reports leveraging tools such as Microsoft SSRS, we are also able to help you build automated Excel reporting using automated data extracts from your ERP and custom macros.

  • Create visualizations that tell a story
  • Share real-time data and set alerts to watch for issues
  • Sustainable and automated reporting
  • Designed for the business user